Gripshot is an American made weapon mount to enhance transition time and increase firepower giving the end user’s a versatile modular platform system. Gripshot works with a variety of holsters currently on the market. Working in conjunction with mil spec rails, the end user can pick either side of a primary weapon with over 80 different weapon configurations. As well working with Taser products to give an end user a less-than- lethal option. With sales to the Military, LEO and responsible American citizens, Gripshot can serve as a life saving piece of gear to all walks of life. With proper training we strongly feel that Gripshot will give you a distinct advantages no matter where you are in the world. From home defense to kicking down doors we want you to have the best chance to come home. View the videos below for more information on what our products can do. See our Videos page for even more demonstrations on how the product works. Buy GripShot Products through the Shop page.


Our mission is to give military and law enforcement personnel an advantage in accessing a backup weapon if their primary were to malfunction or run out of ammo.

The GripShot Team

The GripShot Team

Our research team felt that by placing the backup weapon in the front field of vision, this position provides a clear advantage by improving reaction time. We also feel that the civilian market should have the same advantages, but our main goal is to provide this advantage to the men and women who place their lives at risk every day for our great country.

Made in the USA