Here’s what some of our customers had to say about GripShot:

“Rule one of any gun fight is have a gun” Deadly force encounters need to be taken with strong conviction and dependable like saving rescue equipment, as the Director of Law Enforcement Training of the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum as well as the CEO of Assault Counter Tactics I cannot recommend GripShot enough as a valuable piece of equipment which enables a secondary weapon mounted to my primary weapon. Anyone who thinks this is not a good idea has not been in a prolonged gun battle at which time you need all the guns and bullets at your immediate disposal. GripShot does just that.

– Paul Pawela
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Rarely, do you find a universal solution to a problem or an enhancement without limitations. GripShot is not a panacea; rather, it is a viable option that lends itself as a tool for the toolbox that gives the end-user a faster transition to a handgun under specific circumstances and the end-receiver two options – quit or die!

– Dale Comstock


That looks great. We work with a ton of cops. I will pass this on to see if they would be interested.

–┬áChris Kyle, September 11, 2012

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